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Eloquent Ruby – the Final Verdict

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This will be my final post on Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen. All in all I really liked the book and I think that if you’re serious about being a Ruby developer this book should be in your library.

It is a valuable book for several reasons. First of all it is as close as humanly possible to a definite style guide for programming in Ruby. This doesn’t just cover formatting your code and if or when to use camel case but more importantly when and how to use certain parts of the language. Secondly, it contains a lot of best practices, especially on the use of modules, classes and meta-programming. And thirdly it explains some of the more advances parts of Ruby extremely well. For example I never knew the difference between lambda and Proc.new and what hooks Ruby provides to help you with meta-programming.

So please do yourself a favor and read the book. More than once!