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Iomrascálaí: A Great Way to Learn Rust or About AI

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I wrote about Iomrascálaí, my personal project to learn Rust by writing an artificial intelligence for the game of Go, on here before. Since then it’s gone rather quiet as I haven’t had much time to work on it. We bought a house and moved in, I got a new job, my wife started a new job, it’s winter so the kids get sick all the time …

Now that things have slightly settled down I’m ready to continue with this project. And this is why I’m writing this blog post. If there’s anyone out there who either wants to learn Rust or learn about artificial intelligence then you’re welcome to help out with this project. I knew nothing about Rust when I started this project, but that didn’t stop Thomas P from joining and essentially teaching me Rust. I’m very greatful and I’d like to pay it forward by doing the same. So just have a look at the Github issue tracker, and ask what do work on either in the chat or in the Google Group.

And if you’re interested in artificial intelligence then this could be interesting for you, too. After all, the goal is to write a program that is good a playing this game!