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Why Every Agile Team Should Include a Tester

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A recent post on Jim Grey’s blog about his job hunt as a QA manager made me think about what my ideal test setup for an agile (SCRUM like) team would be.

The thing is, having QA as a completely separate team that tests everything once the development team has “finished” the features and bug fixes for the next release is very much out of line with every agile methodology. Agile processes are (to me at least) about faster feedback and the possibility to change direction quickly. So for example, if you were doing SCRUM with one week sprints, do a feature freeze every month (you know, management won’t let you release each week), and only then start testing all the features and bug fixes there’s quite a lot of overhead. The QA process may take a while as everything produced in a month needs to be tested, the developers have already moved on to new features and now have to switch back to fixing their old code (which is quite a mental overhead) and once everything has been tested, fixed, and tested again it’s already 2-3 weeks later.

A better approach I found is to have the testing being done right after the feature or bug fix is finished. Assuming you have automated tests and an automated deployment process (I’m assuming that you’re developing a web app) you can just have your continuous integration server run the tests and once they pass deploy the latest version of the code to your staging server and notify the tester. That way the tester can do the checking right away and send feedback within hours or even minutes. After such a short amount of time the developer in charge probably still knows enough about the code so that he can quickly fix the issues the tester found.

Obviously a final round of QA before getting a release out the door is still necessary, but as it can be assumed that all features and bug fixes are correctly implemented this can now be much shorter and needs to be less thorough. That way the release can be shipping much faster, any you know maybe you can even ship more often than once a month.